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Keywords: South Africa, litvaki, photography, Nelson Mandela, Eli Weinberg The wave of emigration of Litvaks 1 to South Africa (now South Africa) began at the end of the 19th century, for several reasons. First, there were Jewish pogroms in Russia, and alt…
5 hours ago
Keywords: South China Sea, artificial islands, international arbitration, UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, sovereignty, exclusive economic zone Events in the Middle East and the crisis in Ukraine …
19 hours ago
Подг. текста, введ., коммент., примеч. и указатели П. В. Познера. М.: Институт востоковедения РАН, 2004. 1161 с. © 2005 Общепризнано, что вьетнамская историография базируется на трех основных национал…
Внешняя политика Вьетнама в годы Второй индокитайской войны строилась вокруг нескольких основных направлений, имевших решающее значение для достижения победы в индокитайском конфликте. Эти направления…
Historical science in the USSR. Reviews "FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COLLECTIVE FARM SYSTEM IN THE MOLDAVIAN SSR" Author: V. V. KABANOV Chisinau. Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of the Moldavian SSR. 1971. 372 p. The print run is 1000. Pr…
Moldova's relations with Moscow occupy a very important place in the history of the Moldovan people. A modern historian cannot study the history of Moldova outside of these links. Bourgeois science, especially Rumanian science, if it was concerned with the…
2 days ago
Anyone who has ever been to Paris could not help but notice: the Champs-Elysees is not only the most beautiful street in the French capital, but also the busiest urban thoroughfare. Literally everyone knows it. Anyone who has ever walked down this street c…
3 days ago
Keywords: Indonesian poetry, Israeli-Palestinian conflict In September 1944, the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Amin Al-Husaini1, was broadcast on Berlin radio, in which he openly supported the independence of Indonesia a year before the official proclamation o…
4 days ago
Keywords: USA, Africa, US-Africa Summit, Africa Economic Growth and Trade Opportunities Act, AFRICOM "I am proud to announce that next year I intend to invite the heads of State and Government of sub-Saharan Africa to the United States for a summit that wi…
5 days ago
Keywords: Africa, trade unions, "Arab spring", protest movements The beginning of a new, modern stage in the development of the trade union movement in Africa was marked by the events of the "Arab Spring", which began in December 2010 in Tunisia and later …
6 days ago
Keywords: Arab Spring, Sudan, Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood, foreign policy, conflicts The Arab crisis, known as the "Arab Spring", began in late 2010 and resulted in regime change in Tunisia, Egypt, L…
7 days ago
For a decade - from 2003 to 2013, and in fact until now - shots have been fired and people have been killed in the Darfur region of Sudan. There is a civil war going on. But what is interesting is tha…
7 days ago
In November 2000, the author of these lines witnessed a truly historic event -the first official visit of the US President to Vietnam. Bill Clinton, who restored diplomatic relations between the two countries five years earlier, has put a nice end to his a…
7 days ago
A foreigner visiting Vietnam is unlikely to notice traces of the presence of one of the world's religions - Islam-in this country of the Indochina Peninsula. Nevertheless, in any reference book of Vie…
7 days ago
Last year, in 2005, Vietnam celebrated the 60th anniversary of the declaration of national independence. For 30 years out of 60, Vietnam has fought many enemies, defending its independence and State s…
7 days ago
In mid-2002, the Prime Minister of New Zealand publicly apologized to the ethnic Chinese (Huaqiao) living in this country for the harassment they had suffered over the past hundred years, including a …
7 days ago
Historical science has long debated the question of the correlation between the role of the individual and the masses of the people in the historical development of a particular country. It seems that…
7 days ago
IN TERMS OF ECONOMIC GROWTH, THE COUNTRY CAME IN SECOND PLACE IN ASIA, JUST AFTER CHINA Modern Vietnam is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing countries in Asia. The main goal that the state…
7 days ago
Postage stamps of French Indochina with portraits of people who participated in the colonial wars, as a result of which the peoples of the Indochina Peninsula became dependent on France, were issued i…
7 days ago
Soviet(Russian)historiography- Vietnam relations has been supplemented with a new remarkable work. The book " The Vietnam War... How it was (1965-1973)" (Moscow, publishing house "Exam", 2005, 511 p).…
7 days ago
In April 2008, the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) organized a study tour to the country for a group of Russian journalists. We had to travel from…
7 days ago
On September 2, 2005, the Vietnamese people celebrated the 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence of their homeland. The fact that this significant milestone in its history coincided with…
7 days ago
MEMOIRS OF A SOVIET ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNNER By the end of October 1965, the formation of the 3rd Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment of the Vietnamese People's Army (VNA) was completed, and some Soviet milita…
7 days ago
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Candidate of Economic Sciences US aggression in Vietnam Keywords:, bombing of Hanoi, Soviet-Chinese relations It was the fourth y…
7 days ago
VIETNAM-CHINA: FROM CROSS-BORDER TRADE TO MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL DEVELOPMENT OF BORDER REGIONS Despite all the difficulties in the development of relations between Vietnam and China in the past, XX centu…
7 days ago
Anyone visiting the Vietnamese capital Hanoi for the first time is advised to visit Van Myeu, the Temple of Literature. It has become a mandatory program item for heads of State and Government arrivin…
7 days ago
More than 80% of the population of India is made up of Hindus, each of whom was born in the corresponding Hindu caste, which is part of the traditional Varna system. It consists of four varnas( social groups), the first three - brahmans, kshatriyas and vai…
8 days ago
For more than half a century, Japan has been rightly perceived around the world as a country that has become one of the most advanced in the use of the latest technologies and at the same time managed to preserve its national identity and traditions. At th…
9 days ago
HAGIA SOPHIA UNIVERSITY I had a chance to visit the Hagia Sophia Catholic University more than once, where my friend Galya works. Having arrived in Japan in the mid-70s, she quickly found a job in her specialty, which is not always possible to achieve in T…
10 days ago
Scientific, technical and economic achievements of Japan are usually associated with the names of several dozen major corporations (Toyota, Hitachi, Sony, Toshiba, Canon, etc.). Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses make a significant contribution t…
11 days ago
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the economic interests of Russia and Uzbekistan diverged. One can only be surprised at how quickly the ties between industries and enterprises, including cooperative ones, developed over decades, broke down. In a mat…
12 days ago
D. A. DUDENKOVA Moscow City Pedagogical University (MSPU) Keywords: China, Xishuangbanna, Dai people In China, they say: "Above is paradise, and below is Suzhou and Hangzhou" (cities in the east of the country). And if you still naively believe this, then …
28 days ago
V. GELBRAS Doctor of Historical Sciences Chinese migration has spread to almost every country in the world in recent years. Until recently, it was absent or not significant in Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Poland, Hungary and some other countries. Now China is …
40 days ago
MEMOIRS OF A SOVIET ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNNER It's been more than 30 years since the guns went silent in Vietnam. The intervention launched by the United States under the slogan of fighting "communist aggr…
51 days ago
More recently, in one of the central districts of Hanoi, there was a prison building built by French colonialists at the end of the XIX century. In 1993, the prison was closed. Part of the wall of the…
51 days ago
Postage stamps of modern Vietnam reflect the glorious history of the Vietnamese people, tell about the long-term struggle against colonialists, about the dynamic development of the economy and culture…
51 days ago
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Why is it important to save your scholarly work in a digital library?

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your scholarly work online. Let's focus on the main ones:
  1. Wide access: The Internet allows researchers and scholars around the world easy access to your scholarly work. This is especially important for those who live or work in remote countries or regions or sparsely populated areas where access to scholarly publications may be limited.
  2. Preservation and dissemination of knowledge: The preservation and dissemination of scientific works on the Internet ensures the preservation and dissemination of knowledge that can be used to advance science. This helps avoid duplication of research and facilitates access to previous works, which contributes to faster human progress.
  3. Citation: Storing research papers online at a specific address provides a permanent link to your work, making it easier for other scientists to cite and use your research. It also helps to increase your citation index in academia.
  4. Archiving: Storing research papers online ensures that they are archived and preserved for the future. This is important so that researchers can access previous works and use them in their own research.
  5. Dissemination of ideas: Keeping scientific papers online provides an opportunity to disseminate ideas and research results to a wide audience. This can lead to a broader discussion of ideas and a faster dissemination of knowledge in the scientific community.

What can I save in a digital library?

In a digital library, authors can save all kinds of digital information:
  1. E-books: digital versions of books, which can be saved in PDF, DJVU, or other e-book formats.
  2. Scientific articles: scientific publications that can be saved in text form for reading from a computer screen or other gadget or in PDF or other electronic article formats (in which case articles can also be read from both desktop and mobile device screens).
  3. Journals: digital versions of journals that can be saved in PDF or other electronic journal formats.
  4. Audio and video materials: lecture recordings, music, movies and other video and audio files. Audio files are stored in a special storage, and we recommend uploading videos to Youtube and then inserting a link to them in your publications in the library.
  5. Documents: different types of documents, such as brochures, manuals, reports, articles, and other documents. There is a special section for files in the library.
  6. Maps and drawings: different types of graphic images, including maps, charts, drawings, diagrams, and other types of images. They can be stored in the Photo Documents section.
  7. Electronic textbooks and learning materials: digital versions of textbooks, study guides, and other learning materials.
  8. Electronic newspapers: digital versions of newspapers that can be saved in PDF or other electronic newspaper formats.
  9. Photos: digital images of photos and other graphic materials.
  10. Archival materials: digital versions of documents and other materials from archives and museums.
  11. Research information: digital versions of articles, reports, dissertations, and other research-related materials.
  12. Electronic diaries: digital versions of diaries and other personal entries. The library has a special section for author diaries, where you can keep entries in chronological order.
  13. Electronic patents: digital versions of patents and other documents related to intellectual property.
  14. Internet Archives: electronic versions of web pages and other online materials that can be saved in archiving programs and uploaded for preservation in the library.
  15. Computer programs and applications: digital versions of software, applications, and games.
  16. Electronic dictionaries and reference books: digital versions of various dictionaries and reference books on various topics.
  17. Music: digital versions of music, albums, and other audio materials.
  18. Digital maps: electronic versions of maps, geographic and topographic data.

Why is the digital library free for authors and readers?

All services to authors and readers are provided free of charge. So it was, so it is and so it will be. There are several reasons why the library stores and makes available information published by authors for free:
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  2. Dissemination of knowledge. The purpose of digital libraries is to disseminate knowledge and information throughout the world. Free access to information contributes to this goal because it allows people to access the latest scientific discoveries and other important information resources.
  3. Social effect. Many authors, especially those who publish their works in the electronic library, do not receive direct financial benefits from their publications, but do so in order to promote science and disseminate knowledge. Providing free access to their work helps them achieve this goal.
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