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N. G. ROGOZHINA Doctor of Political Science Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations Keywords: East Asia, environmental problems, security, environmental policy, "green development" For East Asian countries, ensuring environmental se
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I. T. KOFANOV Candidate of Economic Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: Tunisia, "Arab spring", democracy, Ennahda, terrorism Of particular interest is Tunisia, the only country where the" Arab Spring " ends with the transit
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Author: A. A. PANOV Recently, a new stable expression has taken root in Russian journalism and the language of near-political discussions - "Hutu against Tutsi", a kind of meme * that is spontaneously transmitted through social networks, blogs, and the me
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V. A. MELNIKOV Our sobkor in Ghana Keywords: Ebola, virus, Ghana, Liberia, ECOWAS, borders According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the last week of January of this year, three African countries affected by the Ebola virus have again experience
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NEW DEVELOPMENT TRENDS E. Ya. ARAPOVA Candidate of Economic Sciences MGIMO (U) of the Russian Foreign Ministry Keywords: East Asia, ASEAN, financial markets, investment, regional development, economic integration World Bank experts predict that the group o
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T. S. DENISOVA Candidate of Historical Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences (TO MARK THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF ECOWAS) Keywords: ECOWAS, economic integration, political conflicts, regional security, peacekeeping missions, ECOMOG Treaty (
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N. A. ZHERLITSYNA Candidate of Historical Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: Russian-Egyptian relations, political cooperation, energy, trade, investment The historical character and strategic significance of the "return of
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A. M. VASILIEV Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences D. I. VINITSKY Our sobkor in Egypt Keywords: Egypt, Russia, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Vladimir Putin, visit, relations Russia and Egypt are linked by a complex of historically developed political, e
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LINA BEN MHENNI (Tunisia) story Lina "- literally means "Our". That is, the one that belongs to us. The one with us. There was an omen in the name given to me at birth. Could it have affected my fate? After all, I was the first child in a family that lived
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IMAN NASIRI (Morocco) ADIL GUEVARA* I'm nineteen years old. I go out into the street and join everyone in chanting slogans as sharp as a dagger, with which we want to destroy all the disgusting vices of our society. We don't have oil, yes, we are not as ri
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