M. A. PAKHOMOVA Postgraduate student of the Institute of Information Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sino-Arab relations Keywords:, Chinese influence. Saudi Arabia. Middle East, diplomatic relations. economic indicators Diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the People's Republic of China (PRC) were established in 1990.However, they have undergone a noticeable evolution during this period, which allows us to draw some conclusions about the principles of political and economic interaction between the largest and dynamically developing Asian power and the politically and economically complex Arab world. Saudi Arabia, traditionally one of the key countries in the region, is moving to the forefront of the region and the Muslim world due to unrest in a number of other countries, for example, in Egypt. This includes international dialogue platforms such as the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). START: ROCKETS, PILGRIMS, TRADE MISSION The intensification of relations between Beijing and Riyadh began in the 1980s with military cooperation, when China delivered a batch of CSS-2(DF-3)1.In 1981, it was officially announced that business ties were developing between the two countries. 2 According to some reports, one of the Saudi princes made a secret visit to Beijing at the same time.3 In the same year, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Zhao Ziyang met with Crown Prince Fahd 4. We believe that a certain impetus to this development was the fact that two years earlier, in 1979, an agreement was signed on granting loans to China by the Union of Arab and French Banks in the amount of, according to various sources, from $0.5 billion. up to $1 billion 5. By 1982. Saudi Arabia remained the only country in the Arab East that refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with China. Evidence of the KSA leadership's reconsideration of its position towards China was the visit of Foreign ... Read more

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