The "narrative turn" that took place in the humanities at the beginning of the twenty-first century served as a catalyst for turning fiction into a laboratory for testing human reality, a "probe for exploring both real and possible worlds" 1, a "testing ground for various concepts of philosophical, cultural, sociological-and even scientific-natural nature"2. In this regard, the ability to perform a philological analysis of a literary text is of particular importance. However, is there a universal method of such analysis that is equally applicable to all works of art created today? The answer to this question is provided by the monograph of Ph. D. N. S. Naidenova "Linguostylistic analysis of an ethnospecific artistic text: a comparative study "(Moscow, Flint: Nauka, 2014, 344 p), devoted to a comparative study of the language of artistic works created in French and Spanish outside the historical and geographical boundaries of their initial distribution, namely in sub-Saharan Africa. Relying on extensive illustrative material, the author convincingly shows that the literature of these African countries is based on ancient and very peculiar cultural traditions, and therefore its understanding requires a very special preparation from the researcher. A full-fledged analysis of such works is possible only by using the tools of a number of humanities (philology, literary studies, textual studies, cultural studies, philosophy), the synthesis of which is the basis for the development of the original complex methodology for analyzing ethnospecific literary texts proposed by N. S. Naidenova. The monograph demonstrates a fundamentally new perspective of research in Russian science - a cross-border approach to the study of artistic literature. The results of the study vividly and comprehensively show the current cycle of inter-literary values. African literature turns out to be like the two-faced centaur: it simultaneously appeals to oral tradition and novelistic practices borro ... Read more

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